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Hip expat locations

Quite often, the most buzzy places are also the ones where the most people congregate – from everywhere. Think of New York, for instance – a city often known as ‘the capital of the world’ because of its cosmopolitan (and expatriate) nature. While trends can often be changeable (as well as people’s tastes fickle) there […]

Moving Overseas? Expat Social Concerns

Making the big move abroad Decisions, decisions. If you’re moving to a new life as an expat in a brand new foreign land, there will be plenty of decisions to make. If you’re on an international assignment you may have a choice as to which nation you’re going to – but even if your next location […]

Some unusual expatriate locations…

Overseas working is becoming more and more popular these days, and there are a number of reasons why. Study findings have indicated that despite the global economic downturn, the amount of overseas postings is increasing, and is predicted to continue to do so. Part of the reason for overseas living being at its current level […]

Destination: Belgrade, Serbia

According to the UK Government pages on Serbia, 28,000 UK nationals travel to the country each year, while 300 British people live and work in the country. While it’s always recognised that determining the number of expats in any country is notoriously difficult, there does seem to be something of a disparity between this figure […]

Is there adequate support for employees abroad?

With the rise in global human resources, as well as the projected growth in numbers of people working overseas, you’d expect that a new culture would emerge as a result – and this is something we’ve seen to a great extent already. In fact, there’s a whole generation – a new demographic, even – of Third […]

Bilingualism: brain boost?

If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time in a country where you had to speak a foreign language, two things are likely to happen when you return home… The first of these is that you find yourself in a shop, completely on auto pilot and not thinking about anything in particular, and then […]

Expat interview – Paddy in the Big Apple

Today’s expat interview is with Paddy from the wonderful blog Paddy in the Big Apple. There are of course loads of travel blogs out there, once in a while though you come across a blog that stands out for its unique voice, an interesting take on things, and a properly adventurous approach to exploring the world. […]

The best places to emigrate to

One of the most important things about emigrating is that it is, of course, a lifestyle change – and it’s also a big transition, a major event. It’s a biggie. So when you go to live overseas, it’s important to go with what you feel is right. And there is no single destination that everyone […]

Expats in Belgium

Belgium – famous for great chocolate and amazing chips, so maybe not the best place to avoid culinary temptation if you’re on a diet. But even if you are, you can feast your eyes on the wonderful, historic cities Belgium has to offer, such as Bruges – and what kind of stony heart couldn’t fall […]